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Eqtec | Our July Review

Eqtec (LON: EQT) is a bioscience energy company operating in the United Kingdom and Ireland, first established in 2005. Their mission statement is reducing waste and meeting the demand for clean energy & biofuels - generating green energy from over 50 different types of feedstock (including municipal waste, agricultural waste, and plastics with no hazardous waste or toxic emissions.

Recently in 2022, Eqtec signed partnerships for waste-to-hydrogen and biomethane projects for their Southport project.

(Source: Eqtec Plc)

Eqtec increased their full-year revenue by 311% between FY20 - FY21, while improving their net income from a loss of (€5.76m) to (€4.70m). The FY21 total revenue was €9.17m.

As a result, their net income margin for FY21 was a (51%) loss.

(Property of EcoShares)

The last three years have seen their balance sheet strengthen significantly, while eliminating debt. Total assets more than doubled from €20m to €51m - while total cash climbed from €0.48m to €6.45m. Total debt was cut from €3.02m to €0.26m.

This meant their FY21 debt-to-assets margin (debt/assets) was 0.5%.

(Property of EcoShares)

Eqtec's next earnings is released on approximately Sep 27, 2022.


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