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Greenlane | Net losses a concern?

Greenlane Renewables Inc (TOR: GRN) is a leading global provider of biogas upgrading systems. The company helps waste producers, gas utilities, and project developers turn a low-value product into a high-value low-carbon renewable resource. Its biogas upgrading systems remove impurities and separate carbon dioxide from biomethane in raw biogas to create clean RNG for pipeline injection, liquefaction, or direct use as a vehicle fuel.

(Source: Greenlane Renewables Inc)

Greenlane Renewables posted its Q2 for the year on 9 August 2022. Revenue for the quarter increased 38.5% to C$18.1m compared to last year's quarter, however, its net losses sank deeper and more than doubled to (C$2.17m). As a result, its net margin loss worsened from (8.6%) to (12%).

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Looking at previous quarters, the company had managed to make a slight net profit of C$0.05m in last year's Q3. Despite this, losses began to pile up and progressively worsened going into the new year.

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The company has been significantly growing its revenue over recent years, rising from C$9.12 to C$55m in just two years. Its net losses had been somewhat controlled, with a net margin loss of (4.5%) in FY21.

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Given the higher than expected losses in the current year, investors may have been slightly spooked short-term. Shares in Greenlane Renewables had spiked at the end of 2020, closing at a high of C$2.67 per share on 19 February 2021. Since then, shares have been tumbling and closed at C$0.78 per share on 9 September 2022.

(Source: Google Finance)

The first thing worth checking when a company is seeing consistent net losses is how strained its current assets to current liabilities are becoming.

In the short term, the current assets and current liabilities can measure a company's ability to pay short-term debt or obligations due within one year. Greenlane Renewables' short-term liquidity percentage in Q2 was 45.3% (current liabilities/current assets) - which although controlled is edging towards a cautious 50%+. Current assets and current liabilities were C$53m and C$24m, respectively. Compared to last year's quarter, current assets have slightly decreased by 3.3% as current liabilities jumped 41.2% - which had previously held a more favourable 30.9% short-term liquidity percentage.

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In the long-term, total assets for Q2 climbed 9.5% to C$81m from levels one year ago - while total liabilities also increased at a larger rate by 64.7% to C$28m. This meant long-term liquidity for the quarter was 34.6%, compared with 23% last year. Total cash levels have also decreased by 37.8% to C$23m.

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Looking at previous years, total assets have been significantly rising and ended FY21 with C$79m. Total liabilities had decreased in FY20 before rising again the following year to C$22m, meaning the long-term liquidity for FY21 was 27.9% (the lowest in three years).

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Greenlane Renewables releases its Q3 earnings on approximately 14 November, 2022.


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